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Wearing is believing! The trademark feature of Curvetures is the technologically advanced dual-density insole designed with PORON® Materials combining lightweight flexibility, durability, superb contoured cushioning, shock absorption and non-slip traction. The anatomically correct contoured foot bed provides proper arch support, stability and weight distribution to minimize foot fatigue. Developed by a company that specializes in professional dance shoes, Curvetures delivers style and comfort you won’t want to take off.

For more information visit http://www.curvetures.com.

<h2>Chloe #163 Deerskin </h2>

Chloe #163 Deerskin

<h2>Natalie #612 Hand Rubbed</h2>

Natalie #612 Hand Rubbed

<h2>Flo #692 Suede</h2>

Flo #692 Suede