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PORON® Plus Cushioning Material

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PORON® Plus Cushioning gives you consistent, long-lasting cushioning comfort in a material that feels just right from the first use through the life of your product. A lightweight, flexible material that provides the perfect amount of softness with added energy return to help cushion joints and soft tissue, PORON Plus Cushioning delivers the very best in performance cushioning.

PORON Plus Cushioning is an ideal material for a wide variety of applications such as insoles, sockliners, ankle pads, collars, bag strap padding, gloves and many others. Now comfort doesn’t have to mean two inches of foam padding. With PORON Plus Cushioning you get great comfort and performance in a material that will enhance your designs. Available in a variety of material combinations, PORON Plus technology is the superior choice to other traditional cushioning materials.

Soft and Resilient

  • Offers the right amount of energy return to help reduce stress on joints and soft tissues of the body.
    • Essential for all-day comfort
    • Testing shows 30% rebound from original drop height
  • Softer than most standard PORON Material offerings.

Maintains Performance

  • Long-term comfort and performance for the life of your product. g Excellent compression-set resistance that will not break down with repeated use.
  • Open-cell, breathable technology.
  • Standard offering of PORON Plus with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection.

Long Term Comfort

  • Compression-set Resistance
  • Open-Cell - Breathable
  • Microcellular Structure
  • Antifungal

Versatile to Suit Your Designs

  • Available in a variety of standard densities, thicknesses (2.0mm to 12.7mm) and color options.
  • As part of a PORON Dual Layer package for a custom design.
PORON® Plus Cushioning Material PORON® Plus Cushioning Material
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