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XRD® Extreme Impact Protection

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Wearable Protection that Inspires Great Performances

XRD® Extreme Impact Protection is a breakthrough material technology that has been tested to absorb up to 90 percent of energy when impacted.* XRD materials are ideal for use in a variety of sporting goods, outdoor, industrial and other applications where protection, comfort and consistent performance are required.

*As measured by ASTM F1614-C

Performance Advantage

  • Soft to the touch, yet firm on impact. Upon impact, the XRD Molecules instantly form a protective shell around your body to dissipate and disperse the impact energy.
  • Proven to provide consistent, repeated impact absorption for dependable protection throughout the life of the product.
  • A multi-purpose foam that outperforms the competition in a variety of markets and test methods.
  • See the XRD Impact Protection Demos

Wearable Protection Advantage

  • Thin and flexible, so your customers can say ‘good-bye’ to traditional bulky and thick padding.
  • Contouring, memory-like foam provides a custom fit to each user.
  • Light weight and low profile.
  • Engineered with breathable, open-cell technology.
  • Exclusively infused with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria that causes stains and odors.

Design Advantage

  • Lightweight and low profile material that doesn’t take away from your next generation designs.
  • Available in a wide range of thickness and density combinations so you can choose the proper material that suites your requirements for comfort, fit and impact protection needs.
  • Visit the XRD Customers page to see how XRD Technology is changing the game for wearable protective gear!

For some additional guidance on which material will work best for your application, try our online XRD® selection tool.

PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection
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PORON® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection
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